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The use of gesso in decoration goes back many centuries. It is still used today as a base for water gilding and as a primer for fine art canvases. The techniques we have developed allow us to use these traditional finishes in more contemporary settings. We produce a wide range of cracked or crackled gesso finishes in the Studio which can then be applied to large wall areas even curved surfaces, raised patterns add further interest. So called 'Crocodile' gesso, (looks like crocodile scales) with it's strong, directional texture lends itself to use in panelling, furniture and accessories. As with all our products it can be made in limitless colour combinations.


cracked gesso sample 3243
Above: coloured gesso cracked along one direction only sample no 3243

cracked gesso 0876
Above: cracked gesso sample no 0876

Crocodile gesso sample 3281
Above: so called crocodile gesso cracked in two directions sample no 3281

Crackled gesso sample 4594
Above: crackled gesso with cracks in  all directions sample no 4594

Furniture covered in crocodile gesso
Above: wardrobe covered in "crocodile" gesso

  Decorative gesso panel, part of a mural, using layers of gesso for texture
 Decorative gesso panel, part of a mural, using layers of gesso for texture
paint and copper and gold leaf.
Inspired by the work of Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh 1864- 1933