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Unit D, Trading Estate Road, Western Trading Estate, London, NW10 7LU

 Sterling Studios is based in London. We are a creative, research-based, applied arts workshop offering an inspirational collection of decorative finishes.

From hand-painted traditional and modern eglomisé glass, scagliola and gesso work to wallpapers, paintings, decorative metals, embossed and patinated leather.

The founders of Sterling Studios have come from backgrounds in fine art painting and antique restoration.

We know that attention to detail is paramount to the success of any project, large or small. Our training, knowledge base and 75 years collective experience enable us to experiment freely with materials and produce work which is unique and innovative.

We also produce traditional decorative finishes such handpainted wallpapers to woodgraining to marbleing.

Sterling Studios is set up to be a fast and effective decorative arts company. Our reputation is built on the trust and confidence of all our customers and is one of our most valuable assets. As the demands of the industry change, we are committed to our core values of efficient service, creative design and technical innovation. Through our knowledge of materials and of the industry. With our problem solving skills, we aim to be an invaluable resource to our clients.

Whether your interior design/decoration project is large or small, we are happy to help in any way we can.


   Founded in 2003 by directors: François Lavenir, Fiona Sutcliffe and Sarah Patey Sterling Studios is there to meet the decorative needs of interior design professionals.
The talent behind Maecenas, François' innovative approach to product design is built on years of experience as an antiques restorer, demonstrated in his exquisite attention to detail and singular knowledge of materials.
With a degree in History from Oxford and a background in portrait and mural painting, Fiona met François when she joined Maecenas on a brief apprenticeship, honing her skills as a colourist, mural painter and copier of Old Masters, later becoming François' wife.
Also a colleague at Maecenas, Sarah went on to run her own successful antique restoration studio, developing new methods and styles of gilding and painting and nurturing teams of painters both in the UK and abroad.

   A wide range of in-house products and skills provide clients with an integrated solution to their decorating requirements. When we founded Sterling Studios, our aim was to create a new type of company in our field, combining personal service with all the resources of a large studio. Our backgrounds ensure a vast technical and artistic knowledge from which to draw on. The high standards that typify restoration and the more traditional decorative finishes on which we have built our reputation are always of paramount importance, yet give us the base and confidence to experiment freely with materials and techniques in order to produce truly original work.

   By choosing Sterling Studios, clients access a reservoir of experience, talent and backup. However Sterling Studios ambitions have been focused beyond this solid foundation. ‘When we founded Sterling Studios, we were all determined to create a new type of company in our field' says Francois, ‘we offer excellent personal service combined with all the resources of a large studio. This enables us to handle the big projects and tight deadlines our clients require and which smaller companies find hard to meet.’

   Our clients certainly appear to agree that these services are being delivered:

Chris Watkins of Tessa Kennedy Designs ‘For many years the Sterling Studios team have helped us create the most amazing designs using their incredible range of skills in painted and decorative materials ... They understand both our artistic requirements and the realities of budgets and deadlines.’

Alidad: ‘Knowledge, inventiveness and creativity are assured when working with Sterling Studios. This rich and fun talent is instrumental in my designs for specialist decorative finishes’.

Sterling Studios’ client base is made up exclusively of design professionals; architects, interior designers and some retail outlets and includes Tessa Kennedy Designs, Alidad, Daniel Hopwood, Todhunter Earle, Philip Wagner, Christina Fallah, Argent Designs and Mark Humphreys.